About us


We are so happy that you are here. We wanted to introduce you to our founder of Love Marketing Team, Laura.

It has always been a dream of Laura's to own a company that teaches implementation and guides others on how to truly have success and make money online. Now with the rebrand and relaunch of Love Marketing Team her dream is a reality.

As a busy mom and wife, Laura, spends the majority of her free time, after the kiddos are in bed, at her computer working to make her dreams a reality, and your dreams too.

With a passion for endless learning and a fire to be creative, Laura finds so much joy not only in creating tools and resources, but her soul truly lights up when she is mentoring and coaching. 

You’ll see inside her masterclasses, coaching, and with her customer interaction that she is doing what she is purposed to do. She loves to help others and passionately wants each and every one of you to be successful.

Her commitment is to inspire and support dreamers and individuals in navigating the complexities of launching their online business and achieving financial success on their own terms.

Our Strategic Marketing Associate Team

Our Strategic Marketing Associates enjoy a Done For You business! We are one of the highest paying partnership programs, aka affiliate programs. We have given our affiliates an elite name, Strategic Marketing Associates (SMA), because we pay way more than traditional affiliate programs and we value our team.

With a worldwide program we are focused on helping the masses and have a team goal of 500 NEW SMA partners this year! Will you be one of them? Check out our DFY Biz Bundles!

We are focused on delivering a Done For You business to our SMA partners so they can focus on learning marketing strategies and simplifying their success to make money online faster.

If you are interested in joining our team you can learn more through the "Done For You Biz" link. We would love to have you as part of the family.

On The Grow

We are continually blossoming and growing. We are eager to consistently deliver new products, courses, and coaching to benefit you.

Fun fact: colorful daisies are Laura's favorite flower. What's your favorite flower?