MMO Society

Welcome, friend!

We are officially launching on March 1st, join now and lock in lifetime pricing of just $2.99/month!!

We are so happy that you are here to learn more about our MMO Society, aka Make Money Online Society.

Our mission is to ensure that you feel supported and loved on your MMO journey. We will do that by providing a variety of tools, resources, coaching, and more.

This will very likely be the very best $7/mo you've ever spent. It's the opportunity to learn and grow and be supported by like minded entrepreneurs passionate about helping others.

JOIN NOW for $2.99

Our Mission

$7 MMO Society: We're on a mission to help over 10,000 dreamers & entrepreneurs lay the foundation for a thriving online business. Our goal is to see them making money online and loving every minute of it!

Support You Can Afford

Most marketing agencies charge anywhere from $497 to $997 per month for this kind of value. But I decided to create one every small business owner could afford for just $7/month

JOIN NOW for $2.99
  • Send Random Messages

    These cold messages to strangers or acquaintances are painful and just ugly. No one wants to send them and receiving them is even more painful.

  • Group Commenting

    Join and comment on a bunch of posts in groups that are related to your field. Well in theory this a nice thing to do, but it truly is not going to build you the audience and income you desire.

  • Post and Boost

    It's easy to burn money on boosting and ads, especially if you have no social media ads strategy or training to even know what you are doing. This can get costly quickly.

  • Use a Success Strategy

    In our MMO Society you will have the tools, resources, and trainings that you needs to learn how to build a niche or brand and have a step by step success strategy.

  • Be Coachable

    All great athletes or businesses have a team of coaches and mentors to guide them. You will be blessed with coaching and community in the MMO Society that you will love.

  • Take Action

    Taking action and implementation is our main focus in the MMO Society. Don't get stuck in all the learning. The only way to grow is to DO. You'll enjoy action tasks in our trainings.

  • Biz Building Tools

    We will continuously be sharing tools and resources that we find that will help you with your business.

  • Coaching

    We love to coach and assist you with your questions and implementation. Recordings of FB coaching / trainings will be in the membership area.

  • Community

    Enjoy support and love not only from our team, but also from a community of like minded dreamers who are working on their MMO adventures.

Questions & Answers

Do I need a business to get started?

No, the beauty of this community is you can implement the trainings to dream & launch a new business, or take advantage of our Done For You (DFY) affiliate business.

And Yes, if you do have a current business you will be able to implement the trainings into your biz.

Join the membership if you have:
- no business
- join our DFY affiliate biz
- you do have your own biz

You can't go wrong, it's a win-win!

What happens after I join?

Great question!

First you will receive an email with access to our MMO Society Membership Portal with trainings that we are continually adding and updating.

You'll also receive access to our MMO Chat Community and Private MMO Society FB Group.

Is there any Coaching or Mentorship?

YES! We will do trainings in our Private FB group and all of those will be saved in the membership portal as well for future reference.

We are passionate about coaching and helping you to reach the next level, this will be done in a group setting through Zooms / Lives in the FB group.

How do I get my questions answered?

We have 2 areas where you can ask questions.

First, in our Private FB group we have a questions post that you can comment on with questions and get assistance from Laura and other members.

Second, we also have a questions area in the MMO Community Chat that's connected to your MMO Society Membership Portal.

We do our best to promptly answer all questions. If you have not received a reply within 24 hours and it's during the week (M-F) please tag Laura and she will get a notification.

  • Free PLR Library

    We have a full package of PLR tools that we will be sharing each week for you to access to implement for your personal use or personalize and sell to your customers / clients.

  • Branding Tools

    You are going to enjoy a bonus branding bundle for you to be able to bring your brand to life. With over 60 to choose from you're sure to find one that speaks to you.


    You will get exclusive FIRST ACCESS to all new product launches, masterclasses, memberships and more.

    Plus, you'll receive a private discount code for the first 48 hours of a new launch, this is a HUGE DISCOUNT that you will not want to miss!